Reports on Lost or Stolen Sealed Sources and Radiation Devices

The CNSC Report on Lost or Stolen Sealed Sources and Radiation Devices summarizes the information reported to the CNSC about the losses and thefts of licensable sealed sources and radiation devices.

The Nuclear Safety and Control Act, its regulations and licence conditions require licensees to report these occurrences. If a sealed source or radiation device is lost or stolen, the licensee must immediately notify the CNSC. Upon receiving such a notification, the CNSC will make sure that the licensee is taking appropriate actions, such as notifying police authorities and conducting a thorough search. The CNSC submits all events associated with lost or stolen sealed sources to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB). The ITDB is the information system on incidents of illicit trafficking and other unauthorized activities and events involving nuclear and other radioactive material outside of regulatory control. The CNSC also notifies relevant local, provincial and federal organizations as well as other stakeholders.

This report provides a description for each event, the date the event occurred, the event location, the risk categorization, a brief summary and the recovery status. The risk categorization of the sealed source at the time of the event (Category 1 to Category 5) is based on the International Atomic Energy Agency document entitled Categorization of Radiation Sources.

Events are added and records are updated as new information is received. The losses and thefts in this report also include events that occur during transport in Canada.

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