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Two basic types of nuclear reactors are in operation in Canada: power reactors and research reactors.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulates and licenses both types of reactors in order to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment.

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Two basic types of nuclear reactors are in operation in Canada: power reactors and research reactors.

New reactor facility projects

The CNSC makes independent, fair and transparent decisions on licensing new reactor facilities.

Nuclear power plants

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulates all stages of the life of each nuclear power plant in Canada, from the environmental assessment required before plant construction, to the decommissioning of the facility once operations are ended.

Operating nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants have been producing electricity commercially in Canada since the early 1960s..

Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems

Each nuclear power plant in Canada has multiple, robust safety systems designed to prevent accidents, and reduce its effects should one occur.

Refurbishment and life extension

The life of a nuclear power plant can be extended for several decades through refurbishment, by modernizing and enhancing major equipment and systems to support long-term operation.

Decommissioning activities

The CNSC regulates the entire lifecycle of nuclear power plants. Decommissioning activities are the actions a licensee undertakes at the end of the useful life of the reactor. The decision to stop operating and to decommission the reactor is taken solely by the licensee.

Convention on Nuclear Safety

The Convention on Nuclear Safety (the Convention) commits signatory states that operate nuclear power plants to maintain a high level of safety.

Maps of nuclear facilities

This map provides you with the location and type of nuclear facility.

Small modular reactors

Nuclear reactors of varying sizes and power outputs are used in Canada for a range of applications, such as research, materials testing, medical uses and electrical power generation.

Research reactors

Canada has a number of research reactors across the country.

Shut-down and decommissioned reactors

Canada has a variety of research and prototype power reactors that are no longer in use and have been shut down.

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