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Regulatory Framework Plan

Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), the Commission has made regulations and by-laws with the approval of the Governor in Council.

Regulations set requirements for all types of licence applications and obligations and provide for exemptions from licensing. By-laws are in place to govern the management and conduct of the Commission's affairs.


Term Definition
Early consultations The project is in early stages of analysis/development. Policy is being developed and finalized.
Stock review A framework published online to help the CNSC develop and showcase a systematic, transparent plan to review its existing regulations and other regulatory instruments (for example, regulatory documents) over a set period of time.

The stock review includes the titles of the regulations and other regulatory instruments that will be reviewed, the date each document was last reviewed, and the proposed date to launch a new review.

Table of contents

Fiscal year 2023-24

Early Consultations

  • Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances
  • Class II Regulations
  • Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations  
  • REGDOC-2.2.3, Personnel Certification, Volume IV: Initial Certification Examinations for Shift Personnel Working at Nuclear Power Plants and Requirements for the Requalification Testing of Certified Shift Personnel at NPPs: This REGDOC was discontinued and will likely be removed from the reg framework
  • REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management
  • REGDOC-2.3.3, Periodic Safety Reviews
  • REGDOC-2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities
  • REGDOC-2.10.1, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • REGDOC-3.2.1, Public Information and Disclosure
  • REGDOC-3.2.2, Indigenous Engagement
  • REGDOC-3.5.3, Regulatory Fundamentals

Consultation (Proposed Document)

  • Import, Export, Safeguards Regulation Project- Target CG1 Fall 2023
  • REGDOC 1.1.4 Licence Application Guide: Licence to Decommission Reactor Facilities- Fall 2023
  • REGDOC-1.3.1, Licence Application Guide: Uranium Mines and Mills- Fall 2023
  • REGDOC-2.3.4, Operations Programs for NPPs- Fall 2023
  • REGDOC-2.6.4, Fitness for Service, Chemistry Control- Fall 2023

Target Commission Decision

  • REGDOC-1.2.2, Licence Application Guide: Class IB Processing Facilities- Fall 2023
  • REGDOC-1.2.3, Licence Application Guide: Deep Geological Repository- Winter 2023/24
  • REGDOC-2.2.1, Human and Organizational Factors- Fall 2023
  • REGDOC-2.2.3, Personnel Certification, Volume III: Certification of Persons Working at NPPs- Spring 2023
  • REGDOC-2.4.5, Nuclear Fuel Safety- Winter 2023/24
  • REGDOC-3.1.1, Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plant- Winter 2023/24

Fiscal year 2024-25

Early Consultations

  • REGDOC-2.2.3, Personnel Certification, Volume II: Exposure Device Operators
  • REGDOC-2.2.4, Fitness for Duty, Volume I: Managing Worker Fatigue
  • REGDOC-2.3.1, Conduct of Licensed Activities: Construction and Commission Programs
  • REGDOC-2.5.1, General Design Considerations
  • REGDOC-2.6.1, Reliability Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
  • REGDOC-2.7.3 Radiation Protection Guidelines for Safe Handling of Decedents
  • REGDOC-3.5.4, Pre-licensing Review of Vendor Reactor Design

Consultation (Proposed Document)

  • REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management- Summer 2024
  • REGDOC-2.3.3, Periodic Safety Reviews- Spring 2024
  • REGDOC 2.4.1, Deterministic Safety Analysis- Spring 2024
  • REGDOC-2.6.3, Aging Management- Fall 2024

Target Commission Decision

REGDOC-2.10.2, Fire Protection-Spring 2024

Fiscal year 2025-26

Stock Review

  • Uranium Mines and Mills Regulations
  • REGDOC 1.1.1 Site Evaluation and Preparation for New Reactor Facilities
  • REGDOC-1.1.3, Licence Application Guide: Licence to Operate a Nuclear Power Plant
  • REGDOC-2.1.1, Management System
  • REGDOC-2.1.2, Safety Culture
  • REGDOC-2.2.4, Fitness for Duty, Volume III: Nuclear Security Officer Medical, Physical, and Psychological Fitness
  • REGDOC-2.5.5, Design of Radiography Installations
  • REGDOC-2.7.2, Dosimetry, Volume II: Technical and Quality Assurance Requirements for Dosimetry Services
  • REGDOC-2.8.1, Conventional Health and Safety
  • REGDOC-2.11.1, Waste Management, Volume I: Management of Radioactive Waste
  • REGDOC-2.14.1, Packaging and Transport, Volume III: Joint Canada-United States Guide for Approval of Type B(U) and Fissile Material Transportation Packages
  • REGDOC-3.5.1, Licensing Processes
  • REGDOC-3.5.2, Compliance and Enforcement, Volume II: Orders Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act

Fiscal year 2026-27

Stock Review

  • General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations
  • REGDOC-1.1.5, Supplemental Information for Small Modular Reactor Proponents
  • REGDOC-2.2.5, Minimum Staff Complement
  • REGDOC-2.4.3, Nuclear Criticality Safety
  • REGDOC-2.5.7, Design of Exposure Devices
  • REGDOC-2.6.2, Maintenance Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
  • REGDOC-2.7.1, Radiation Protection
  • REGDOC-2.9.1, Environmental Protection: Environmental Principles, Assessments and Protection Measures
  • REGDOC-2.11, Framework for Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning in Canada

Fiscal year 2027-28

Stock Review

  • Class 1 Nuclear Facilities Regulation
  • Radiation Protection Regulations
  • REGDOC-1.2.1, Guidance on Deep Geological Repository Site Characterization
  • REGDOC-1.6.2, Radiation Protection Programs for Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Licensees
  • REGDOC-2.2.4, Fitness for duty, Volume II: Managing Drug and Alcohol Use
  • REGDOC-2.7.2, Dosimetry, Volume I: Ascertaining Occupational Dose
  • REGDOC-2.11.1,  Waste Management, Volume III: Safety Case for Long-Term Radioactive Waste Management
  • REGDOC-2.11.2, Decommissioning
  • REGDOC-3.3.1, Financial Guarantees

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