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REGDOC-3.6, Glossary of CNSC Terminology- Glossary - G


See generic action item.

gamma radiation (rayonnement gamma)

Penetrating electromagnetic radiation emitted from an atom’s nucleus. Also called gamma rays.

gamma radiography (gammagraphie)

See industrial radiography.

gamma rays (rayons gamma)

See gamma radiation.


global assessment report; see global assessment

GBq (GBq)

gigabecquerel, that is, 109 becquerels; see becquerel.

general public (population en général)

Any person who is not designated as a nuclear energy worker.

generic action item (GAI) (dossier générique [DG])

A mechanism to track safety issues, where the issues are generic to the class of facilities and have been singled out by the Commission as requiring corrective action by the licensee within a reasonable time frame.

geophysical well logging (diagraphie géophysique des puits de pétrole)

A neutron generator used in a borehole to measure the various geophysical properties of subsurface rock formations.

gigabecquerel (gigabecquerel)

109 becquerels; see becquerel.

glass volume fraction (fraction du volume de verre)

With respect to nuclear criticality safety, the fraction of the interior volume of a Raschig ring-filled vessel that is occupied by the glass in the rings.

global assessment (évaluation globale)

An overall risk judgment on the acceptability of continued operation of a nuclear facility.

graded approach (méthode graduelle)

A method or process by which elements such as the level of analysis, the depth of documentation and the scope of actions necessary to comply with requirements are commensurate with:

  • the relative risks to health, safety, security, the environment and the implementation of international obligations to which Canada has agreed
  • the particular characteristics of a nuclear facility or licensed activity
graduated use of force (recours progressif à la force)

The application of approved response force options following the RCMP incident management/intervention model or approved equivalent provincial police model.

gray (Gy) (gray [Gy])

The International System of Units (SI) unit of measurement used to express absorbed dose. One gray is defined as the absorption of 1 joule of ionizing radiation by 1 kilogram of matter. For gamma and beta radiations, the gray is numerically equal to the sievert.

ground state (état fondamental)

The lowest-energy and most-stable state of an electron.

Group 1 nuclear material (matières nucléaires du Groupe 1)

See safeguarded nuclear material.


See guaranteed shutdown state.

guaranteed shutdown state (GSS) (état d’arrêt garanti [EAG])

A reactor state with sufficient negative reactivity to ensure subcriticality in the event of any process failure and for which administrative safeguards (that is, reactor shutdown guarantees), approved by the senior operations authority and with which the CNSC concurs, are in place to prevent net removal of negative reactivity. See also safe shutdown state, shutdown state.

guide tube (tube de guidage)

See projection sheath.

guide tube connector (raccord du tube de guidage)

See projection sheath connector.



Gy (Gy)

See gray.

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