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Document History of REGDOC-1.1.5, Supplemental Information for Small Modular Reactor Proponents

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REGDOC-1.1.5, Supplemental Information for Small Modular Reactor Proponents, provides information about CNSC safety and control areas as they apply to a licence application for an SMR facility. REGDOC-1.1.5 provides information that is additional to the licensing process documented in REGDOC-3.5.1, Licensing Process for Class I Nuclear Facilities and Uranium Mines and Mills, which provides an overview of the licensing process for Class I nuclear facilities.

In accordance with CNSC regulations, the CNSC has developed licence application guides that set out requirements and guidance for submitting a formal application to the CNSC to obtain a licence for reactor facilities, including SMRs, in Canada. The licence application guides also help identify information that should be included in an application. REGDOC-1.1.5 is intended to be used in conjunction with the following three licence application guides:

  • REGDOC-1.1.1, Site Evaluation and Site Preparation for New Reactor Facilities
  • REGDOC-1.1.2, Licence Application Guide: Licence to Construct a Nuclear Power Plant
  • REGDOC-1.1.3, Licence Application Guide: Licence to Operate a Nuclear Power Plant


August 2019: Published.

Document Milestone Dates Links
Stakeholder workshop November 24, 2017 Stakeholder Workshop Report: Application of the Graded Approach in Regulating Small Modular Reactors]
Consultation July 31, 2018 to September 28, 2018

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(HTML version of Draft REGDOC-1.1.5) (PDF version of Draft REGDOC-1.1.5)

Invitation to provide feedback on comments received October 29 to November 20, 2018 View the comments received:
Feedback on comments received November 20, 2018

Approved by the Commission August 2019  
Publication August 2019

HTML version of REGDOC-1.1.5

PDF version of REGDOC-1.1.5

Disposition Table Appendix: Responses to key themes from the comments on REGDOC-1.1.5

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For questions and information related to REGDOC-1.1.5, Supplemental Information for Small Modular Reactor Proponents, please contact:

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