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Regulatory Action – Ovintiv Canada ULC

Order issued to Ovintiv Canada ULC

May 6, 2022

The CNSC has issued an order to Ovintiv Canada ULC, the parent company of EWL Management Ltd, which manages Ovintiv’s 2 decommissioned mines. Ovintiv was reorganized in 2020, moving its headquarters from Calgary, Alberta, to Denver, Colorado. Ovintiv maintains an office in Calgary. On February 22, 2022, EWL Management was dissolved into Ovintiv. Ovintiv indicated to CNSC staff in a letter dated March 10, 2022, that it will assume all of EWL’s liabilities. However, none of the licensing or supporting documentation references Ovintiv. As a result, the 2 decommissioned mines – Dyno and Madawaska – are not licensed and an inspector order is necessary to ensure that the sites are maintained by the designated licensee as required under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and its regulations.

In their inspections, CNSC staff confirmed that both the Dyno and Madawaska mines are in a safe state and being well maintained, but not by the designated licensee. CNSC staff will provide Ovintiv with the preliminary findings from the inspections, as well as the inspection reports once complete.

The order requires that Ovintiv meet and comply with the licensing requirements in the previous licences issued to EWL Management Ltd for both the Dyno and Madawaska sites until such time as the CNSC has issued licences for these 2 sites.

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