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List of regulations

Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), the Commission has implemented regulations and by-laws with the approval of the Governor in Council.

Regulations set information requirements for all types of licence applications and obligations, and provide for exemptions from licensing. By-laws are in place to govern the management and conduct of the Commission's affairs.

The following outlines, but is not limited to, the contents of each set of regulation and by-law provides and to whom they generally apply:

General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations

Provide general regulations with respect to licence applications and renewals, exemptions, obligations of licensees, prescribed nuclear facilities and equipment and information, contamination, record-keeping, and inspections.

Apply to: All nuclear facilities and CNSC licensees and applicants

Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations

Regulations setting out the list of violations that are subject to administrative monetary policies (AMPs) under the NSCA, the method and criteria by which the penalty amounts will be determined, and the manner in which notices of violations must be served.

Apply to: All persons subject to the NSCA

Radiation Protection Regulations

Define the “as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA) principle and regulations for radiation dose limits, action limits, and requirements for labeling and signage, and reports.

Apply to: All nuclear facilities and CNSC licensees and applicants

Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations

Provide requirements for site preparation licence applications, personnel certifications, record-keeping and sets timelines for regulatory reviews.

Apply to: Class 1A and Class 1B nuclear facilities including nuclear reactors, large particle accelerators, nuclear processing plants, fuel fabrication plants and waste disposal facilities

Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment Regulations

Provide requirements for licence applications, certification of prescribed equipment, radiation protection and record-keeping.

Apply to: Class II facilities and Class II prescribed equipment licensees and applicants

Uranium Mines and Mills Regulations

Provide requirements for site preparation, construction, operation, decommissioning and abandonment of uranium mines and mills, including licensees' obligations with respect to operating procedures, codes of practice, ventilation systems, use of respirators, protection from gamma radiation, record-keeping, and set timelines for regulatory reviews.

Apply to: Uranium mine and mill licensees and applicants

Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations

Provide requirements for the licensing and certification of nuclear substances and radiation devices, use of radiation devices and record-keeping.

Apply to: All nuclear substances, sealed sources, radiation devices, licensees and applicants

Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations, 2015

Provide requirements for licences to transport, transport of nuclear substances, record keeping as well as requirements for the design and certification of packages, special form radioactive material and other prescribed equipment.

Note: For the purpose of these regulations, since July 1, 2020, the CNSC Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations, 2015 incorporate by reference the 2018 Edition of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

Apply to: All persons transporting or offering for transport nuclear substances, including nuclear facilities and CNSC licensees and applicants.

Nuclear Security Regulations

Part I defines security-related information requirements and general obligations for application. It also includes information about security requirements for high-security sites. Part II provides security-related requirements for licensing and operation of lower-risk facilities.

Apply to: Any CNSC licensee and applicant with respect to Category I, II and III nuclear material and high-security sites

Nuclear Non-proliferation Import and Export Control Regulations

Provide requirements for a licence application to import or export controlled nuclear substances, controlled nuclear equipment, or controlled nuclear information, in addition to exemptions from licensing for certain import and export activities.

Apply to: Any CNSC licensee and applicant with respect to import and export activities

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cost Recovery Fees Regulations

Set regulatory fees for the provision of information, products and services, and prescribe the method of calculating the fees that may be charged for a licence or class of licence.

Note: On April 1 of each year, updated fees (related to hourly rates, formula fees and fixed fees) are published on the Cost Recovery Program web page as part of the Cost Recovery Fee Schedule.

Apply to: All nuclear facilities and CNSC licensees and applicants

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Rules of Procedure

Define the procedures for CNSC public hearings and opportunities to be heard.

Apply to: The CNSC

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission By-laws

Define management and conduct of Commission's affairs (meetings).

Apply to: All nuclear facilities and CNSC licensees and applicants

For more information

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and the Government of Canada’s Open Government website under the "Find a Consultation" option.

In keeping with the CNSC's commitment to stakeholder engagement, comments and suggestions on specific CNSC regulations or by-laws are welcome at any time. As part of ongoing efforts to enhance and clarify the CNSC’s regulatory framework, the CNSC will use these comments to inform future reviews of its regulatory tools. Comments received outside the formal consultation period will not be publicly dispositioned. Submit your comments and suggestions.

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