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Nuclear safety - Acts and regulations

Regulations for licensees, public consultations, regulatory document planning, enabling acts, regulatory fees, domestic and international arrangements.


Enabling legislation for the CNSC’s mission

Regulatory documents

Requirements and guidance for licensees

List of regulations

Information requirements for all types of licence applications; obligations; exemptions from licensing

Forward Regulatory Plan

Anticipated regulatory changes over the next 2 years

Regulatory Framework Plan

Anticipated changes to the regulatory framework over the next 5 years

Regulatory Stock Review Plan

Planned reviews of regulations over the next 10 years

Regulatory framework

The CNSC’s approach to regulating the nuclear industry

Interpretation policy

Commitments, practices, and tools applied by the CNSC

Frequently asked questions

Your nuclear regulatory questions answered

Red tape reduction

Streamlining the approach to regulation

Participation and engagement


Public input on discussion papers, draft documents, proposed new regulations or amendments to regulations

Indigenous engagement

The CNSC’s commitment to meaningful consultation and engagement with Indigenous peoples

Administrative burden baseline

A clear metric for the administrative burden on businesses

Compliance verification and enforcement

Regulatory actions

Orders and penalties for lack of compliance with regulations

Nuclear-related event reports

Disclosure of events and incidents involving licensees

Compliance verification and enforcement methodology

Assurance of the continuing compliance and safety performance of licensees

Regulatory costs and fees

Licensee costs, fee schedules, remittances and service standards

High-volume regulatory authorizations

Service standards for the federal regulatory system

Domestic and international arrangements

Domestic arrangements

Agreements with federal and provincial regulatory agencies

Arrangements with Indigenous communities

Terms of reference and arrangements with Indigenous groups

International agreements

Bilateral and multilateral agreements with partners around the world

Directives and international treaties

General application orders on broad policy matters

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