Karina Lange

Karina Lange was the first staff member to hold the position of Women in STEM Advisor in the CNSC’s Strategic Planning Directorate. As an advisor, Karina led the team that developed and implemented the CNSC’s Women in STEM (WISTEM) initiative. She also helped the CNSC President launch several national and international undertakings. This work helps the CNSC build a more diverse and agile workforce and contribute to the Government of Canada’s priority of increasing the number of women in STEM careers.

“I am proud to have led an impressive team of CNSC staff, both women and men, to collaboratively develop and implement a WISTEM strategic plan. This year, we’ve already reached several milestones, including starting a coaching program tailored for STEM careers.”

Karina holds a bachelor of environmental engineering, a master of applied science (environmental engineering) and a Ph.D. in applied science (civil engineering). She has worked at the CNSC for the last 12 years. In January 2021, she accepted a position at the IAEA as a radioactive waste disposal specialist where she will continue not only her technical work, but also her efforts to support women in STEM nuclear careers.

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