McClean Lake Mill

Notice of public hearing

The CNSC will hold a public hearing on June 7-8, 2017 in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, to consider an application from AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (AREVA) for a 12-year renewal of its Uranium Mine Operating Licence for the McClean Lake Operation.

This operation is located in northern Saskatchewan, approximately 750 km north of Saskatoon. The current licence authorizes AREVA’s McClean Lake Operation to produce up to 10,909,090 kg of uranium concentrate per year, along with associated operations. Additionally, the current licence authorizes AREVA to process uranium ore slurry from Cameco Corporation’s Cigar Lake Operation, also located in northern Saskatchewan. The McClean Lake licence expires June 30, 2017.

The public hearing will be webcast live and available for 90 days on the CNSC website at

AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (AREVA) owns and is licensed to operate the McClean Lake Mill site, located in northern Saskatchewan. The CNSC has full-time staff in Saskatoon and Ottawa who periodically perform inspections to evaluate operations and to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and licence conditions.

Facility Information

Aerial view of AREVA's McClean Lake's Mill

Aerial view of AREVA's McClean Lake's Mill

Location: Northern Saskatchewan
Licensee: AREVA Resources Canada Inc.
Status: Operating
Licence issued: July 1, 2009
Licence expires: June 30, 2017
Start of commercial operation: 1999

Licensing documentation: Request a copy of the McClean Lake Mill licence and licence condition handbook by email

The McClean Lake Mill is located about 750 kilometres north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Construction of the McClean Lake Operation began in 1994. Mining and milling of uranium ore from five open-pit mines has been completed. No conventional mining has been carried out at McClean Lake since 2008. Uranium ore mined at the Cigar Lake Mine is processed at the McClean Lake Mill. For more information, visit AREVA's website.

Operating Performance of the McClean Lake Mill

The CNSC produces an annual report on the performance of uranium fuel cycle and processing facilities, which includes the McClean River Mine. The report provides information on events, facility modifications, and areas of increased regulatory focus. It also tracks data on:

  • public and worker radiation dose
  • lost-time incidents for workers
  • environmental monitoring results
  • environmental reportable spills and corrective actions taken
  • current financial guarantees for future decommissioning costs

Read the report to learn about operating performance of the McClean Lake Mill.


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  • In 2016, AREVA Resources Canada Inc. requested an increase to their annual authorized production rate of uranium (U3O8) concentrate at their McClean Lake Mill site. AREVA submitted a request to the CNSC to increase the production from 13 to 24 Mlbs per year. After a thorough review, the CNSC has determined that the proposed increase will not have an unreasonable effect on the health and safety of workers or the environment. The CNSC authorized AREVA to proceed with the production increase.

Disclosure Protocol

As part of CNSC's regulatory requirements, major licensees must have robust public information and disclosure programs in place. These programs include a disclosure protocol developed in consultation with community stakeholders.

Regulatory Reporting

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