National Sealed Source Registry and Sealed Source Tracking System Annual Reports

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) was the first nuclear regulator among G-8 countries to develop a national registry and to implement a Web-based tracking system, along with enhanced export and import controls for high-risk sealed sources.

These reports describe developments in the CNSC's National Sealed Source Registry (NSSR) and Sealed Source Tracking System (SSTS) since January 2006.

Current NSSR and SSTS Annual Report

2014 NSSR and SSTS Annual Report Highlights:

  • Compliance inspection results were strong, with all of inspected licensees found to be compliant
  • There was a 19.6% increase in the number of sealed sources in the SSTS when compared to 2013, mostly due to an increase in the manufacturing and import of sealed sources
  • There were 16 reported events involving lost, stolen and found sealed sources; in nine of these events, the sealed sources were recovered
  • One of these events involved an exposure device, containing a Category 2 sealed source, that was stolen along with the vehicle in which it was stored; the exposure device and the vehicle were recovered the following day
  • There were no reported events involving Category 1 sealed sources

Previous NSSR and SSTS Annual Reports