CNSC Departmental Audit Committee

The Departmental Audit Committee (DAC) ensures that the CNSC President has independent and objective advice, as well as guidance and assurance on the adequacy of the CNSC’s control and accountability processes. The committee also reinforces the independence of internal audits. The DAC’s oversight responsibilities extend to the work of the CNSC’s Office of Audit and Ethics, as well as to areas and processes that include finances, values and ethics, risk management, management control and accountability reporting.

The DAC is composed of four members: three external members appointed by the Treasury Board and one internal member. Laura Talbot-Allan, Glenn Janes and Pierre Tremblay (serving as DAC chair) have been appointed as external members. The DAC’s internal member is CNSC President Rumina Velshi.

DAC Members

Pierre Tremblay - Chair of the Departmental Audit Committee

Pierre Tremblay is a seasoned nuclear professional who has risen to the top ranks managing a major nuclear energy supplier in Canada. He began his 38-year career with Ontario Hydro (subsequently Ontario Power Generation – OPG) as a trainee engineer, quickly rising through the ranks and earning progressively responsible positions in the utility’s nuclear operations.

Mr. Tremblay has had direct responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating stations, as well as three major nuclear waste facilities. He has dealt directly with the challenges of managing a workforce of several thousand employees, as well as the development and implementation of key functions including training, security, and interfacing with the CNSC, the Ontario Energy Board and other regulators.

As OPG’s Chief Nuclear Operating Officer, Mr. Tremblay was responsible for OPG’s participation in the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and the operational and regulatory environment faced by the nuclear industry in other countries.

From 2011 until his departure from OPG in 2015, Mr. Tremblay was responsible for Canadian Nuclear Partners, the OPG subsidiary which markets the skills and expertise of the organization to domestic and international energy-industry customers.

Since his retirement from OPG, he has remained active in the nuclear sector and in education, as a strategic advisor to AECOM Canada, and as Board Chair for Durham College.

Mr. Tremblay holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Rotman Business School (major in finance), and earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and a member of the Canadian Nuclear Society and American Nuclear Society, among his many memberships and interests. In 2013, he was recognized as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering for his contributions to the discipline.

Rumina Velshi

Glenn Janes

Glenn has spent his career developing and implementing strategies to finance and commercialize technology. Most recently, he was the founding CEO of the Research & Development Corporation (RDC). Glenn previously worked with Imperial Innovations Group plc, a leading technology commercialization company, in London, England, before returning to Canada to launch RDC. He also has extensive experience working with young and growing companies to develop new products, to target and penetrate markets, and to grow sales.

Glenn currently serves on the boards of several organizations, including Genoa Design International Ltd., the St. John’s Board of Trade, Canadian Adaptive Snowsports, and Institute of Corporate Directors Newfoundland and Labrador. In these capacities, he has served on and chaired committees dealing with strategy, human resources, finance, and organizational risk, among other things. He is also Secretary of the Rhodes Trust for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Glenn holds masters’ degrees in business administration, and environmental change and management from Oxford University, where he was also a Rhodes Scholar. He completed a Bachelor of Science in chemistry at Yale University, and holds the Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation from The Directors College of Canada and the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Laura Talbot-Allan

Ms. Talbot-Allan is a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA) and a Fellow of the Certified Management Accountants (FCMA) - Quebec, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Manitoba, plus a Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Finance from combined studies at the University of Ottawa and Manitoba. She has solid experience in regulatory and public policy issues in the financial, pension, telecommunication sectors, health and environment, in addition to a solid track record of contributing vision and strategic leadership.

Ms. Talbot-Allan gained diverse and significant experience as Chief Operating Officer at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Vice-President of External Relations at the University of Waterloo, Chief Financial Officer at Environment Canada, the Canadian Red Cross Society, and Bank One International, as well as other senior executive roles at several utility companies.

Ms. Talbot-Allan is also a Certified Director with the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D). She has experience in the private, federal and provincial public sectors in the areas of governance, risk management, and public administration. She currently serves on the Boards and Committees of Desjardins Insurance, CPA Canada’s Pension & Investment Management, and since 1982 has served in various capacities on many industry, government, and volunteer boards.

She is also Chair of the Departmental Audit Committee for Canada Border Service Agency.

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