Regulatory actions

Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and associated regulations, the CNSC can take various levels of regulatory action to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians, and the environment.

Please note: Once licensees have completed all corrective measures related to a regulatory action, the CNSC considers the action closed. At present, taking into account the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, all orders will be removed from this web page upon closure. All closed orders remain available in our annual Regulatory Oversight Reports.

Licensee Action Date issued
Cool Beer Brewing Co. Incorporated Order 2021-10-01
Ontario Power Generation-Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Order 2021-07-27
Ontario Power Generation-Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Order 2021-07-27
Bruce Power Order 2021-07-26
Bruce Power Order 2021-07-05
Ontario Power Generation Order 2021-07-05
NB Power Order 2021-07-05
Catalyst Paper Corporation Administrative monetary penalty 2021-03-03
Kodiak Quality Control Ltd. Order and administrative monetary penalty 2020-11-30
Interior Testing Services Ltd. Administrative monetary penalty 2020-10-20
Mississauga Metals & Alloys Inc. Order 2019-12-13
High Precision Monitoring & Analysis ltd. Order 2019-09-23
Ontario Power Generation Order 2018-12-13
Ontario Power Generation Order 2018-07-06
Waterloo Nuclear and Radiography Inc. Order 2018-05-08
Bruno Ricignuolo Administrative monetary penalty 2017-03-16
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