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Information Bulletin

March 21, 2012

Subject: Invitation to Comment on Draft RD/GD-338, Security Measures for Sealed Sources

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The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has released for public consultation, draft regulatory document RD/GD-338, Security Measures for Sealed Sources.

RD/GD-338, Security Measures for Sealed Sources sets out the minimum security measures required to prevent the loss, sabotage, illegal use, illegal possession, or illegal removal of sealed sources while they are in storage at the site of a licensed activity, in transport or being stored during transportation. This document includes measures for both technical and administrative physical security. It also sets out the minimum security measures that a licensee must ensure a carrier of sealed sources meets. This document also provides information and guidance on how to meet the security requirements.

If you would like to submit comments, please do so by the date noted below. 

Comment period

Starts on: March 21, 2012
Ends on: May 23, 2012

How to participate

Please submit your comments:

Please note that any comments submitted, including names and affiliations are intended to be made public.

You will not receive a formal reply to your comments; however, they may be reflected in a report to be issued at a later date. Please contact CNSC if you have any questions or comments about the draft regulatory document consultation process.

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