Cost Recovery Program

The CNSC’s Cost Recovery Program provides an equitable approach to funding CNSC activities by charging licensees all costs associated with regulatory oversight of the nuclear industry. Each year, the CNSC conducts a detailed analysis of its costs across all licence categories and use types. This analysis provides the basis for adjusting both the hourly rate and fee formulas.

Hourly rate effective April 1, 2021

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cost Recovery Fees Regulations (Regulations) provide a mechanism for the CNSC to set the hourly rate in order to recover full costs. The hourly rate effective April 1, 2021 remains at $270/hour.

Formula fees effective April 1, 2021

In addition to the hourly rate, the Regulations set the formulas used to determine both the annual and one-time initial application assessment fees related to licences for nuclear substances and radiation devices, along with licences for Class II nuclear facilities and prescribed equipment.

The formulas set both base and variable hours that are used to determine fees for the various licence categories and use types. For 2021–22, most formulas will remain the same as those applied in 2020–21 with the exception of dosimetry services, for which an administrative correction was needed. The change to that formula will result in a slight increase in the number of hours to which the annual fee applies. Therefore, your fees will not increase from 2020–21 unless you hold a dosimetry licence or there was a change in the number of locations or devices.

Fixed fees effective April 1, 2021

In June 2017, the Service Fees Act (SFA) received royal assent and became the cornerstone of a new framework governing how departments manage fees. The Act contains new requirements that will lead to improved service delivery to Canadians, improved accountability and better fiscal management. The main requirements of the SFA for fees subject to the Act are to:

  • establish service standards for all fixed fees
  • increase the fixed fees annually by a predetermined amount based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • automatically remit, per the remission policy, a portion of the fee to fee payers where service standards have not been met

This change will take effect on April 1, 2021, and the future adjustments will take place on April 1 of each year. Learn more about the SFA and how it affects the CNSC.

Licence fee schedules

Paying your fees

Regulatory references

Licensing fees for low energy particle accelerator

The CNSC has a new policy concerning the regulation of low energy particle accelerators. Accelerators operating at a beam energy of 1 (one) megaelectron-volt (MeV) or greater will now fall under CNSC regulatory authority. Facilities where these accelerators are used must meet the requirements of the NSCA and applicable regulations, and must now operate under an appropriate Class II nuclear facility licence. There are specific licensing fees associated with these types of accelerators:

Cost Recovery Advisory Group

The CNSC's Cost Recovery Advisory Group is a vehicle through which representatives from the nuclear sector are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the operational management of CNSC's cost recovery program.

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